All time best sad songs

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BEAUTIFUL / SAD SONGS Music Video Playist 2018 - Alltime Top 100 Charted

Choice Of Colors — The Impressions But if you listen to her first album, yes it country. Knock On Wood — Eddie Floyd It beats any other song hands down even rap. He was no good anyway and the up tempo song kicked him right in the teeth. This was the last song written by Roger Waters and David Gilmour, and perhaps remains their greatest, but they have had so many wonderful collaborations that it's hard to say. The Guitars, the vocals and everything in the song is so beautiful. It's too meaningful to not be in the top ten. But surely this one is classic. Top ten in my oppinion. This song should be number one it is the most iconic country song that has ever been written This is undoubtedly the Best Country song in every sense of the term! Stoned Love — The Supremes

All time best sad songs

And she's buying a stairway to heaven Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is an unusual song, to say the least. No body will know, that you were a beauty, a sweet sweet beauty, but stone stone cold! Another great song by the group is "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'. Do not forget this. Paul McCartney, who knows a thing or two about songwriting, called it the greatest rock song ever written. If you haven't heard the version recorded by the Righteous Brothers, please be sure to browse over to YouTube and check out Bobby Hatfield's stunning, soaring vocals. Never has a song said so much in such a small space of time Its awesome! Mustang Sally — Wilson Pickett This answers trivia question number five. The lyrics of a Christian children's hymn were penned for it in , by Eleanor Farjeon. This song has the best riff ever. Redding also wrote "Respect," which was immortalized by Aretha Franklin. I was hoping for replacement When the sun burst through the sky. Thrash is the best type of metal! This song has to do with Pink's battle to handle the world. It's just an incredible song which nearly everybody likes! It's rock and roll's version of Beethoven's Symphony No. Who wants to live forever? This song as well as the artist does not deserve to be anywhere near the top 10, this song barley qualifies as country its just a generic love song if you have heard You Belong With Me this song is basically the same thing my god Taylor Swift is so overrated. It always brings good memories of the band. The whole song is dedicated to Syd Barrat when he left the band in It is, however, vastly superior to every song above it, most of which are merely good, and a few of which are absolutely terrible. The Logical Song by Roger Hodgson; performed by Supertramp When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle; it was beautiful, magical Who wants to live forever? Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox This is a great song by one of the greatest female singer-songwriters. And I don't run Naked for just any song.

All time best sad songs

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  1. Like many other songs on this page, it tells a haunting, compelling story. Riders on the storm "Riders on the Storm" is one of the darkest songs of all time.

  2. The Flintstones The best in this oeuvre always manage to explain the premise of the show succinctly and memorably. Johnny Cash had a dream in which he was singing the song with mariachi horns in the background, which was how it was recorded.

  3. V Comments 14 A Day in the Life - The Beatles well, if your tellin' that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the best at the same time u've listened to this song at least once, I'm sorry but that's just an opinion - on the other hand, if you say it without listening to this song, your missin' the very best point - so on both ends this is the greatest song of all time! We all need help, man.

  4. The most overrated song of all time. The Edge came up with the music first; Bono said his lyrics "just fell out of the sky, a gift.

  5. Have you come to raise the dead? I play guitar at a restaurant near where I live every Friday night.

  6. This Song was one of the greatest songs ever it reached number 1 and stayed their for so long Very catchy but not the best Rolling Stones song V 37 Comments 19 Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys Take one pure musical genius, give him six months time and way too many drugs, and you get the most amazing song ever to feature a theremin. The song was a success though.

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