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Anyone who really knows the score will tell you that certain bedlam would result if he ever disappeared from the frantic scene. You'd just about decided he'd rather be president than be yours. Be prepared to love your in-laws, even if they're about as lovable as prickly cactus. Capricorn and Scorpio love compatibility This union means successful sexual relationships. Some of them startle you with lovely complexions, firm features and bright eyes at the age of eighty and older. I can sell him the Brooklyn Bridge. Be prepared to love your in-laws, even if they're about as lovable as prickly cactus. It will come to the point, and the sentiment will never be allowed to slosh over the edges. The little goat would rather go on a picnic with mother and dad, or sit home and listen to the grown-ups talk, than run outside with a group of children his own age. Lots of them are allergic to it. Remember Aesop's slow tortoise, humorously crawling in that race. Almost all goats of both sexes have sensitive skin. This goat wore expensive, Italian shoes and big cuff links. Then one day your little Capricorn will casually mention that he has to be in school early to call the roll. If he's a typical Saturn child, hell usually adapt naturally to mealtime schedules and potty time, and he'll have less interest in childish tricks or youthful pranks than other youngsters. Pick a mixed group, preferably in the upper income level. For all his outrageous flirting, when he called his fiancee on the phone his tone was tender and protective.

Capricorn man loves you

Capricorn and Libra love compatibility Capricorn has a strong sexual interest in the Libra. That's better than insurance. He's shy, but he's strong and tough. Nature and the stars keep him from advertising. He'll see that they go to the dentist and do their homework, with a few trips to the old woodshed when it's necessary. His tone is gruff, but normally quiet, except on rare occasions when stupidity or careless mistakes cause him to bellow. It's the pattern for his adult life. There will probably be only a few close companions, or maybe just one special friend with whom he shares secrets. I even know one who roller skates around the block with his second generation offspring. All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. It's true that youll have few worries about your goat straying when romance is young and dewy. Also make sure that the dream is worth pursuing. You may have to share your Capricorn wife with causes. His clothes and manner are both conservative, and he's the only one in the bunch who never gets caught without his umbrella when it rains. He seems so harmless. Besides, he hates to tip and fight the crowds. He enjoyed telling off-color stories, and when he wasn't flirting with the women customers or impressing everyone with his toughness, he tossed off some pretty big bubble schemes and way-out promotions. He may glance briefly behind him with pity for the failures, or in grateful tribute for past advice and help, but he'll soon continue his steady upward climb until his goal is reached. Then he becomes a stubborn goat who insists on starting at the top of the ladder, where he feels he belongs. Few people know it. They look old in their youth and young in their old age. With very few exceptions, it's like a gift from the gods. Capricorns don't believe in vague dreams that glide aimlessly through a misty, blue sky. They have no patience with methods that aren't sound or procedures that lack common sense, and they'll rearrange office systems to make sure the organization runs with sensible efficiency. The staff calls him "Sir," salesmen call him "Mister," and you call him when there's trouble. Your Capricorn employee is the one you sic on the tough, suspicious Internal Revenue man. If she feels mistreated or unappreciated, she'll brood for days, weeks, even months.

Capricorn man loves you

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  1. Next time you give your Capricorn a verbal bouquet, look at his ears. No matter how many gray hairs, extra pounds or wrinkles you add as the years slip by, to him you'll always look like the girl who made him say "I love you.

  2. They'll need encouragement and careful handling when dating begins. For Christmas, give him a chipped and faded oil painting of Thomas Jefferson you picked up in an antique shop, or a rock you snitched last summer from the back door of Nancy Hanks' birthplace.

  3. His own sense of organization and dependability will be emphatically conveyed. The goat must seek the sunlight and laugh at the rain to stay healthy.

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