Craigslist omaha nebraska pets

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Please contact budspy14 yahoo. Proven pair of Senegals. Whole flight of breeder age cockatiels 18 mo - 3 years old Long-time Breeder Closing Macaws: Not a cuddly pet but could be with some TLC. She talks and would make a great pet. Fully feathered and no plucking. He does have a foul mouth sometimes and like so many greys is not big on physical affection. Citron Cockatoo Male Citron, approx. She comes with free big cage and all her toys.

Craigslist omaha nebraska pets

Looking for long-term good home. Good for breeding unproven Pieds, Pearl and lutino Steps up on finger or stick. Rare tiels, breeders and young Panhandle, FL. Not a cuddly pet but could be with some TLC. Email us for details. They have not been hand fed. Hand fed as baby Needs stimulating environment. Feel free to contact us with other questions or more pics Columbus, IN. Babies will wean in about weeks. No ship will only go to homes in Sacramento, CA area. Baby African Grey Hand fed and hand tame African Grey, only 4 months old, weaned and ready to go to their forever home. One hen is split to yellow. They are located in WI. Email me for more info. Hand Fed Birds umbrella's From good parenting stock. Will ship via Delta Airlines. I have one male and 2 females the male is standard, and the females are pied mutations. She will come with her cage and accessories! These are all breeders not tame. Long-time Breeder Closing Macaws: Moluccan Cockatoo Handfed baby will be weaned within weeks. Will ship 6 birds or more Also 1 pair Dilut Rosellas. Amazons bredders Bonded pair of orange wing amazons for sale. They are not tame and are all less than 2 years old.

Craigslist omaha nebraska pets

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  1. I have a few pair of nice breeders for sale I have all kinds of babies for sale most are not weaned yet but will hold with a deposit until they are ready to go. Canaries for sale I have canaries for sale.

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