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Supposedly, if you put candy on the bridge after dusk, the kids will come and take it. Dora - Old Dora - Old Dora has a street that once, a long time ago, was the center of town. When he rounded the curb, he crashed into the fire and police stations, sending the two up in flames. Other odd occurrences include machines seemingly playing by themselves, screens on the machines changing displays without being touched, ice jumping out of drinks by itself, and doors opening and closing by themselves. You can't see him, but you can feel him. Saraland - Oak Grove Road a. It is said that strange things happen around her house at night, especially on full moon nights and stormy nights. As a thunderstorm was rolling in, a mob gathered outside demanding that Wells be turned over to them. Empire - Deer Valley Estates - A long time ago, there was a graveyard on the left side of the road. Also, while you are driving back out the driveway, there is a little girl that is skipping down the road. He killed himself in the early 's.

Dollar tree moulton al

He began to strangle her and scream at her to shut up. Ashland - Hudson House - It's an old house in the middle of nowhere. There is also a white building at the entrance of the cemetery. Tallapoosa - Alexander City - Sturdivant Mansion - This is an old mansion in which you can see people standing in the upper windows, as well as lights at a distance, even though there are no floors or roof in the place. Sally still haunts the Carter Mansion. A burnt electrical smell also pervades the 2nd floor on occasion, as well as haywire electrical appliances. There is a family plot where her father, the first settler of DeKalb County, is buried. Many didn't take this seriously until a similar incident occurred when a girl in the band who was to play at a football game was left by herself to get dressed. Empire - Deer Valley Estates - A long time ago, there was a graveyard on the left side of the road. She was 16 years old. He was a black man wrongly accused and executed. It will not leave that night until you boil water and hold it to keep the ghost from coming towards you. During the civil war, battle victims were taken to the Chapel on campus, which was turned into a hospice. Empire - Little Vine Grave Yard - A small, greenish light in the graveyard can be seen when you pass by it. Since then, cadets have had experiences with objects in their room being moved, unusual noises in the hallways and rooms, and experiences with paranormal activity. It sits alone on about a half acre, but plenty of others are on its outskirts. It's me, I left my purse. Thomasville - White Lion Inn - If you go upstairs or to the bathroom at night, cold feelings come over you, and strange figures sometimes appear. Kinston - Grancer Harrison's Dance Hall - Sounds of music and dancing are heard in the abandoned dance hall of the late Grancer Harrison. Lincoln - Old Downtown - Downtown at night near the old gas station at the bar, a man haunts it. Montevallo - University of Montevallo - Has several haunts. They also hear him making noises all through the night. Since that time, you can hear a baby crying. She roams around a lot in the yard by a catfish pond that is in the front of the house. Now the Guillot Center stands in its place and noises are still heard on the second floor. The caretaker recalls a light being turned on at night on the second floor and faucets being turned on at night when she is trying to sleep.

Dollar tree moulton al

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  1. Late at night, you can go there and see ghostly figures in the woods, and hear sounds and voices. Phenix City - Shotwell Covered Bridge - A woman and her two children were in a car wreck when the bridge they were crossing over gave way, and the car fell into the ravine.

  2. Camp Hill - Loveladies Bridge - Twenty years ago, a woman and her baby died in a car accident on the bridge.

  3. If you park on the bridge and put your car in neutral, your car will either rock back and forth or be pushed forward.

  4. Their first encounter was in the Marine Compartment where the Marines slept. People have filled up the hole, only to find it completely cleaned out upon their return.

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