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African-American freedmen, who were the majority of South Carolina's population, were given no vote, and their new freedom was soon restricted by Black Codes that limited their civil rights and required black farm laborers to bind themselves with annual labor contracts. The convention, which Tillman hailed as "a fitting capstone to the triumphal arch which the common people have erected to liberty, progress, and Anglo-Saxon civilization since ". The Alliance, which had spread through much of the agricultural South and West since its origin in Texas, sought to get farmers to work together cooperatively and seek reform. Tillman sent Peterson to Denmark with a single guard. He was taken by the mob, put on "trial", and after the mob found him guilty, was murdered. He thereafter ignored the issue of the Denmark lynching. He made political demands, such as primary elections to determine who would get the Democratic nomination then tantamount to election rather than the leaving the decision to the Bourbon-dominated state nominating convention. By , Tillman was the largest landowner in Edgefield County. They believed that the previous five years had shown it was not possible to outvote African Americans. He was a Christian, but did not identify with a particular sect; as a result, he never formally joined a church. Tillman was unsuccessful in Florida—after two marginal years, the crop was destroyed by caterpillars.

Edgefield sheep

The school, then admitting only white women, opened in October , after Tillman had become a senator. The dispensary system went into effect on July 1, He was taken by the mob, put on "trial", and after the mob found him guilty, was murdered. The convention assembled in Columbia in September , [] consisting of Tillmanites, 42 Conservatives, and six African Americans. He principally promoted the establishment of a state college for the education of farmers, where young men could learn the latest techniques. Richardson had been elected in ; in he sought re-nomination, to be met with opposition from Tillman's farmers. Although Tillman and his men arrived too late to participate in those killings, two of his men murdered Simon Coker, a black state senator who had come to investigate reports of violence. Tillman was a highly talented stump speaker, and when given the opportunity to debate, accused Richardson of being irreligious, a gambler and a drunkard. Butler believed he could still win by appealing to the electorate [] in the same manner as Tillman; the senator thought he understood the lessons of as well as anyone. A suspect in the case, John Peterson, appealed to Tillman for protection, fearing he would be lynched if taken to Denmark, and stating he could prove his innocence. Under criticism, he amended this to a willingness to lead the lynching of "a man of any color who assaults a virtuous woman of any color"—the adjective "virtuous" limiting the commitment, in Tillman's view, to assaults on white women. That precinct gave votes for the Democrats and 2 for the Republicans. Shots were fired, and after one white man was killed, the rest stormed the room and captured about thirty of the militia. Many African Americans were itinerant laborers, and this provision disproportionately affected them. They were confronted with the circumstance of several men refusing to work for them and legally leaving the plantation. To assure white unity, Tillman allowed the election of Conservatives as about a third of delegates. Tillman was present, and the subsequent events were among his proudest memories. Irby nominated Tillman, stating "shame on the [Democratic] party for stabbing Gary, a man who had saved in [ sic ] us in ' Even so, Richardson was easily re-nominated by the state Democratic convention, which turned down Tillman's demand for a primary election. How did we recover our liberty? More lynchings took place in South Carolina in the s than in any other decade, and in Edgefield and several other counties, such killings outnumbered lawful executions. South Carolina gubernatorial election, For more information on the silver question and its background, see Cross of Gold speech. He attempted to finesse the matter by seeking to appeal to both sides, demanding that the law be followed, but that he would, as he stated in , "willingly lead a mob in lynching a Negro who had committed an assault on a white woman". Tillman sought election to a second two-year term in , presenting himself as a reforming alternative to the Conservatives. The rest were allowed to flee, with shots fired after them.

Edgefield sheep

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  1. When the August convention was held, the Tillmanites had a large majority, which they used to oust the executive committee and install one loyal to Tillman. They shot him as he knelt in final prayer.

  2. Although almost two-thirds of those eligible to vote in Edgefield were African Americans, [30] the Democrats were able to suppress the Republican African-American vote, reporting a win for Hampton in Edgefield County with over 60 percent of the vote.

  3. He supported Gary's unsuccessful candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor in , [38] [39] and after Gary's death in , [18] as a delegate to the Democratic state convention Tillman backed former Confederate general John Bratton for the nomination, again unsuccessfully. A suspect in the case, John Peterson, appealed to Tillman for protection, fearing he would be lynched if taken to Denmark, and stating he could prove his innocence.

  4. All of Tillman's constables were white, placing him at a disadvantage in dealing with the alcohol trade among African Americans. Butler , began to advocate what became known as the "Edgefield Plan" or "Straightout Plan".

  5. Irby nominated Tillman, stating "shame on the [Democratic] party for stabbing Gary, a man who had saved in [ sic ] us in '

  6. The only enactment that struck at the African American in Tillman's first term imposed a prohibitive tax on labor agents, who were recruiting local farm hands to move out of state. As had been done to Republican rallies in , Tillman and his followers attended campaign events and demanded that he be allowed equal time to speak.

  7. Tillman boasted of his deeds at Hamburg and Ellenton, but it was Gary who made race the focus of his campaign.

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