Female crossed legs

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That sort of genetic engineering is still decades away. The resulting kitten was deformed. Elaine Karnes commented Practical jokes, hoaxes and misguided or fraudulent individuals keep the myth alive. I think they should make their dresses and little longer or sit another way as to NOT show off that much skin. For the record, the baby had folded lop ears like the father, a bunny nose, back legs like a rabbit and a tail that was very short maybe half an inch that curled up to it's back. A number of misguided individuals have attempted to breed cabbits and, encouraged by anime and folklore, continue to do so, often with disastrous results for the rabbit when the cat's predatory instinct prevailed. Mike Zeese commented But sadly with competition and ratings between the major and cable TV networks, it has turned into a form of entertainment, and seeing women dress provocatively on the air is one example of that. Far from spouting nonsense, I contacted several vets, scientists, cat breeders including those with genetics qualifications for information. Really looks tacky to me, and certainly not very lady like!! It is human nautre to want to believe in something in spite of the facts and the evidence against it. Rebecca Bartlett commented All but 4 of the cat species have 19 pairs of chromosomes while the rabbit has 22 pairs 38 chromosomes in cats, 44 in rabbits. Even if a sexually frustrated rabbit mated a female cat, the smooth penis means no stimulation of the female so she does not ovulate. They tell these women to hit the bricks.

Female crossed legs

As if the detail in this article is not enough, I regularly receive emails saying: Feminine is fine for News TV, sexy is not. No way that would happen, unless the firm does not mind losing major clients offended by the female lawyers looking like on-the-prowl for sugar daddies. None lasted past 48 days, compared with about 65 days for a normal cat gestation Biology of Reproduction, vol 67, p Absolutely the ONLY proof of a cabbit existing in real life is independently verified DNA evidence to prove that the animal you have is a hybrid. Women are more attractive and effective when they dress modestly. Her hair looks ridiculous, parted in the middle and ratted and spread out to the ends of her shoulders. Also Huntsman with the blowup lips. Regardless of the genetic impossibility, it seems that people want to believe in cabbits especially with the cabbit characters in popular Japanese anime just like they want to believe in the Easter Bunny - and they will continue to believe in mythical creatures despite all evidence to the contrary. This site will not consider any claims of genuine cabbits unless supported by material from reputable, respected scientific journals Ask yourself these questions: They tell these women to hit the bricks. And cause more angst. Despite all of the evidence stacked against the cabbit myth, I received the following in response to the original version of this cabbit article. The fact that the same number of chromosomes is involved as well as similar gestation period is supposed to have something to do with the possibility of offspring being produced A rabbit produces pellets because it eats a high-cellulose plant-based diet. The claims of "hushed up" dead cabbit embryos falls into the category of conspiracy theory. Doris Miller commented We tried to help her with the delivery, however, unlike a "kitten", what she had was a good size larger and we had to actually pull it out. Or the kittens developed abnormally in the womb and have a non-hereditary birth defect. Especially dresses… Brian Williams commented The fact that neither the cat nor its owner is documented in veterinary journals, and the cat's vet has not published papers on his client's pet, shows it is not a hybrid. And the men always looks so polished and professional in their suits. The news industry is supposed to be a serious business. Kimberly please, spare us and try a pants suite. Michael Sf commented It is not coincidence that those bosses tell the talent to dress like as if going to a Friday happy hour to snag or trap a man to wed. LuAnne Dodge commented

Female crossed legs

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  1. Are you so sure of your claim that you are prepared to have a DNA analysis done on your cat or kittens? And the men always looks so polished and professional in their suits.

  2. To keep and maintain Neanderthal men as fans, those males who judge not on what she says, but instead on how she looks, which is like a desperate home-wrecking ho on the prowl at bars for successful men cheating on their wives, who will treat her like the pavement princess she is.

  3. How can these so-called journalists permit themselves to be used like a piece of meat?

  4. It isn't rocket science and no one will be getting a Nobel for it. The nature of the Manx mutation is sufficiently well-understood to be used to model spina bifida in the laboratory and its small litter size is not due to rabbit DNA mismatch, but to gross abnormalities caused when 2 copies of the "Manx gene" are inherited.

  5. A Raphael Lombardi commented No vet would pass up the opportunity to document a genuine cabbit.

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