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People open doors for him, bring him coffee, and open their wallets for him. I provide a very high class dressing service. It is a power that is biologically linked and has allowed the human race to propagate. Vintage nighties are extremely hard to obtain. They may enjoy the sexual excitement that they experience from wearing feminine clothing, and in seeing their feminine image. It was more like a dress up game for them. I have seen the most macho of men weep in tears because they do not understand WHY they have to dress, to the extent that they feel so guilty inside that they really cannot cope emotionally. A few stay unattached, but for most, once in a stable relationship it is necessary to surreptitiously broach the subject with your partner to find out if they are amenable, without actually admitting anything, to accept your cross dressing. These conventions may draw hundreds of crossdressers. He pretends for a day to be the top man, the millionaire corporate mogul who makes the choices. If you do not know your sizes then my maids are on hand to measure you but it would save time if you were to let me know your shoe and dress sizes, or your measurements, in advance. This is one reason why men wear dresses, and why this practice has occurred for centuries. Designer shoes start from women's size 4 up to women's size

Feminisation pictures

The clients also have to wear re-used stockings and tights whereas we always use new ones. Like a professional photographer doing a fashion shoot, I will tell you how to strike the right poses so you can look your best. At that early age they felt ashamed because they really did not understand the feelings and emotions they were feeling hence why they always felt ashamed about themselves in what they were doing. In the context of my cross dressing service, those who like to feel the power of a woman, love to have skivvies to serve them. If I do not have a particular item of clothing which they really love to wear, I always explain to them that I do not have this particular item in my huge stock of clothes but I will try and source the item for them. We have normal day wear, evening wear, secretarial, lingerie and bridal wear see below. Designer shoes start from women's size 4 up to women's size My Cross Dressing Service Moulin Rouge Range If you have the taste to be exotic I am introducing my burlesque range which means you shall be tightly laced into a corset with sexy fish net stockings or cuban heeled seamed stockings with a sexy garter to complement the outfit you are wearing. If you wish to keep a photographic record then you can bring your own camera so only you have access to the images or if you wish, I can use my camera or video camera. Over many years and many conversations with my clients they have told me horrendous stories to the point that they have been crying whilst telling me how they have then been badly treated by people advertising cross dressing services. Crossdressing is actually quite common, but it is most often done in private or as a secret that is hidden from others. Transvestism is defined as "the practice of dressing and behaving like the opposite sex. If I was a cross dresser coming to a cross dressing service, this is what I would expect from a reputable service. When a potential client phones me up, I always make a point of asking how would they like to be dressed. I have had many a man in tears of how they feel inside as they do not understand why they have both the need and desire to dress in female lingerie and clothes and still remain a man. Perhaps a reason for crossdressing is one that is not often expressed, but is one that I believe is common. To the point that they would decide not to cross dress again as they felt so angry, having specially taken time off work and paid a fortune for nothing. I provide a very high class dressing service. Another reason for crossdressing, is that men want to feel free to express the feminine side of their personality. All Designer lingerie with the traditional seamed stockings with the Cuban heels. At subsequent sessions, if you wish, you can experience the ultimate cross dressing experience, wearing one of my selection of bridal gowns. As they got older they realised that the urge was too strong to overcome and had to arrange their activities around the rest of the family's needs, being careful not to leave any evidence of their activities. You will be pampered at every stage of the process. I will give you a professional make over then one or both of my maids will assist you to change into the items selected, just like ladies maids helping their lady to dress. Most cross dressers will never ever complain. When you are wearing a bridal gown with a long train and a crinoline or bustle, you really do benefit from the extra space and where you can make your entrance coming down the grand staircase with my maids, your bridesmaids, assisting with your train. With all the above, some have suspender straps and some do not.

Feminisation pictures

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  1. Crossdressing is actually quite common, but it is most often done in private or as a secret that is hidden from others. This is one reason why men wear dresses, and why this practice has occurred for centuries.

  2. If the new outfit can work with the same lingerie then it will save time so you will be able to fit more changes into your session.

  3. Peignoirs in nylon with boa feather collars and cuffs too. My maids will present you to me in all your finery.

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