How to get rid of a smelly vagina

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How To Get Rid of Vaginal odors Completely

Marian i was delay for about a month and i had this very long days of brownish discharge before my menstruation comes. You May Also Like: Doing so like with douching changes the pH and micro-environment within the vagina thereby promoting an overgrowth of certain microbes that normally live in the vagina. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is often the late stage result of an STD not being treated, and can cause pungent vaginal odor, along with pelvic pain. For others, just sweaty vaginal odor is more than enough of a problem to cause a woman to not engage in social activities. I have a damp wetness on the outside of my vagina. While you can treat both of conditions these at home, any extreme pain, cramping, or fever associated with vaginal odor should warrant a trip to your physician to be checked for female problems or sexually transmitted diseases. An anesthesia may be used to relieve pain and make the procedure more bearable. Desiree I have smelly discharge it smells rotten and I recently finished my period and I have intercorse with my boyfriend but we use protection. These growths are common in older people with other risk factors including people with obesity, overweight and those with type 2 diabetes. Getting rid of skin tags on labia by cutting or pinching they can cause intolerable pain and irritation.

How to get rid of a smelly vagina

Menopause may be a potential hormonal cause due to reduced estrogen levels causing the vaginal tissue to thin and become less acidic. Often times the pain is itching, irritation or even cramping that can occur with even minor infections. Urinate and wash immediately after sex to flush bacteria from the vaginal area. Just discharge, bad smell and now streaks of blood. Is that normal, or because I got off my period two days ago? Overall, avoid processed and sugar-rich foods, and eat plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of natural juices help to hydrate you and can help with lubrication and normal vaginal discharges. Basically, this means to scrub off dead cells so the area can breathe effectively. I can smell it through my clothes and my family can also smell it.. Peter Hi Sophia It could be due to an infection as a result of the pap smear but it is unlikely. Lynn This is for all the Ladies. Make sure you eat healthy food. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil contains strong antifungal properties as well as being a great antiseptic. Garlic Garlic is a natural antibiotic that can be great for dealing with vaginal infections as well as vaginal odor. Retained or Forgotten Tampon This pretty much falls into the category of poor hygiene and may seem bizarre, but this problem is more common than you may think. Waited three days, negative. The odor can have variations depending on the menstrual cycle of each woman and returns to baseline with time. These growths are also more likely to occur period and pregnancy than other times. Try drinking a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily. Hormonal fluctuation and imbalance during this time are attributed to most of the changes taking place during this time. The reason quite simply is that the birth control pills are manipulating your hormones. This remedy will help fight a yeast infection and can help get rid of odor quickly. Some common causes of vaginal odor include bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, hormonal changes, poor hygiene and sweating, retained or forgotten tampon, and certain foods. This may be indicative of a deeper lying problem, with the deeper areas of the vagina, cervix or even the uterus. I will continue to smell that smell after I go to the bathroom and walk around I can still smell it.

How to get rid of a smelly vagina

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  1. Sleep naked or walk around your house without pants or underwear if you can. The entire theory behind pubic hair is to cushion the vagina against friction and to form a barrier that will keep bacteria out of the area.

  2. This can equate to an odd smell, mixed with the metallic smell of blood that many women complain about when they are on their period. An infection is one of the more common causes for these symptoms but as you said your GP excluded the possibility.

  3. Drinking lots of natural juices help to hydrate you and can help with lubrication and normal vaginal discharges.

  4. Probiotic yogurt , for example, is rich in lactobacillus bacteria, which helps fight candida infection, a common cause of vaginal odor. It causes heavy vaginal discharge with a noticeable and unpleasant odor.

  5. If possible, you can make some mouthwash with essential oils on your own such as coconut, sweet almond, or olive oil.

  6. This natural lubricant helps clean your vagina, keeps it free from germs and also should be odor-free.

  7. Many women undergoing menopause may notice a smelly, watery vaginal discharge. Accompanied by pain, this warrants a trip to a physician.

  8. If you want no rats staying in and traveling around your home, you have to remove the sources of food as well as shelter as much as possible. It could also be over indulgence in alcohol, or be caused by medications or supplements that you are taking.

  9. But I do know that this is hurt my ego in many ways. Almonds and pumpkin seeds are also rich in zinc, which helps regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce itching and other symptoms of dryness that can cause bacterial growth and odor.

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