Liking the vagina

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However, I do hold in contempt morons who post semi-literate ramblings and can not understand simple explanations from others. But basically the documentary is poorly named as its not apparently about vaginas but about labia. HotCaramel Many women would tell you different to make you feel good, but at the end we all know that SIZE is very important. We affect each other or not depending on the circumstances. It did not feel warm and loving but then in order to know that you first have to find out what does feel warm and loving. All guys are different, do not only listen to the big dumb guys with the loud voices, listen to the quiet men in the back of the room. As the old wise saying goes: But anyway, there I was with a vagina. Your response to my second comment has an almost friendly tone. I kind of liked it. I discovered your webpage whilst seeking for something different on Bing and yahoo about topics related to movies, but I had the chance to read this posting and I found it very useful indeed. I decided that I may as well take a pair of underpants as long as I was in her drawer and feeling creepy anyway.

Liking the vagina

However the whole nature of your criticism is that: I can understand the possibilities of circumstances that resulted in you feeling that way because actually I have an innate distrust even tendency to dislike women overall because my experiences have been such that females are, overall, very selfish, competitive, vindictive, spiteful, conniving and untrustworthy. I wanted to be like everyone else and blend-in, not stand out. I want my world to be real, not covered up or with parts missing. Anyway, I know that the object of a Kotex is to soak up stuff, and so it has to go in the hole. So I washed my hands about fifty times until they smelled like hands again, and then I got dressed. Do you know that the Mississippi River is so small up in Minnesota, where it starts, that you can step over it? The could not understand the distress it caused me. So it was obvious that the Kotex must go in the vagina hole because that hold was the biggest of the holes down there, and the Tampax must go in the rear end because it was smaller. I wanted to drown! Like no woman have ever judged some guys dick. For a long time I wished it was non-existent. It hurt my feelings real bad, and I almost wanted to cry. How well we accept ourselves on any level, whether its physical appearance, mental acuity, aesthetics, physical abilities, depth of emotion, whatever, is influenced by our background. For example, I have a scar on my arm that I get when I was 5 or 6 years old, the result of a burn, which was the source of much sorrow and distress when I was younger. So basically, yes, you are correct when you say that the author of this documentary presents a skewed viewpoint. Not all women are bad. I never saw one in the light. I mean, I was a sixteen-year-old guy with a box! Then why did I criticize you? David What is worse is arranged marriages, and women having to be virgins, and not the men. She is lucky to be very pretty, but fails to see the contradiction between what she is saying and how she is behaving. I said what I said because it was the truth. Chris Thanks for that valuable feedback Amy. Also, another kind of gross thing about a vagina is that it smells kind of bad. Anonymous Insecurity over your vagina? I was the last guy to be picked up so I had to sit in the back seat in the middle, which is not a great place to sit.

Liking the vagina

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  1. What does feel good is just old-fashioned rubbing down there. You still seem to have very aggressive hostilities toward women, Chris.

  2. So, not only did I get screwed by having tits in the first place, but I also got screwed by having gross ones.

  3. Would you prefer big and dark labia or small and pink labia? His crime was WRITING something, albeit quite nasty but still he has only written something on the internet and you think he deserves to die?

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