Midlife affair regrets

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Abraham Hicks 2015 - When you feel regret it means you are focused opposedly to your Source (new)

That I hope it passes. In other words spend your energy in a more positive fashion. That is, what are you willing to settle for and why? She worked in the mail room and I am in logistics so she was always bringing me things. What was that idea, that dream, the thing that motivated you, that you always wanted to achieve or to do? Did the counselor perhaps get too close to some of the issues that your husband was not ready to deal with? I have kind of have given myself a 6 month window. Reply Disappointed July 3, at 9: Its been very helpful, thank-u. My question is, "Is it good to live parallel lives and hang on for the child, or let go and start a new life"? Just seek some help--professional counseling, your pastor, priest, or rabbi; your family and friends, a support group--and take care of yourself don't put your needs on hold until your husband decides what he will do. At 50 my husband and I moved to his native land of Greece since the job market for chemists was pretty much over for him-he was It has been only a few days and I feel I am going crazy.. I hate feeling like I have to force it. Thus, we now have time to think about all the things we didn't do.

Midlife affair regrets

When I am home I am kind to my wife but I have to force myself to talk to her, console her, touch her, hold her, kiss her. I'm glad you recognize the unreality of an affair. It never turned physical because we are separated by 16 hours and really I never would commit to make plans to meet him as we had talked about several times. After getting all details including her name I confronted him. I went into shock. I feel sick over it. Does he have friends? He claims he cut it off and does not talk to her anymore. Is he willing to go to marriage counseling or is he totally detached? Of course, at his work he gets only praise and he is the "golden boy" of his company. Learning to be alone with your new self. If he walks, I know that it is not my fault. Q Hi, My husband is having a midlife crisis. I don't doubt that you love your husband. Also that the "unexpected deaths" are having a big impact on him becoming aware of his own mortality. In either case, this is dangerous behavior on his part toward the marriage. Many times I say this is stupidity and would tell him I want to end the relationship but will run back to him only after a few days. Can you join one or more? Good luck to you. I really hope for the sake of my family she is able to help us get through this difficult time that I created. I am getting help from a therapist in part to learn how to handle him, and it is helping a tiny bit. I still love him and afraid I will for the rest of my life. Do impromptu, adventuresome, fun things with your husband if he is willing. I am trying to be patient. Now things are different.

Midlife affair regrets

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  1. It is always nice to know that someone is happier with their life and that I was allowed to be part of that. YOU and you alone, need to decide what you need out of this marriage.

  2. Right now, I understand, that he is not the person I have known all these years and I have read all of the wonderful books, talked to counselor, and am trying to take control of MY life.

  3. Its been very helpful, thank-u. I've been asking myself, did I make the right choices at that time?

  4. However, I also know that nothing will come of it because I also realize that it is not reality. His mom died when he was a child, and he does not get along with his father or siblings, even though they are still in touch.

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