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Probably one of the most incredible clubs to ever open in the Chicago area. But the decor has'nt changed since the 80s. I remember a back room bar over 21 that I always wished I could get into but i was not old enough to go in there or glanorous enough to hang out with the glam punk girls at the back of the club. Small venue concert club It still "Rocks On". That place thrived on the Aqua-Net crowd and I can remember sort of closing that place many a night! After-hours nightclub featuring high-energy music, plus video debuts. Always packed with celebrities, straights and fashion-minded young gay preppies. Before it was its current incarnation The Odyssey - Heaven was the spot for all us young big-hairs that couldn't get into LuvAffair. Hands down the best club I ever went to. Minor nights were so much fun! Usually Tues and Wed were the popular nights with Thursday as the standard for punks, posers, and wannabees. They were the best! I have the best memories. Located at Cass. Artist, producers, and the crowd at LaMirage made this the hottest place to dance in the mid 80's.

Night clubs tacoma wa

Live acts, huge dance floor, awesome bar, and people lined up in lines that wrapped around the block to get in the door! I think it was 18 and over but no problem to get in for those that were younger. Chocolate Valencia, Spain From Bands were mainly hard rock, but some, like The Verandas, also bordered on pop. Today the building is in threat of being torn down due to eminent domain, they want to build waterfront condominiums there. Club changed hands a few times and went down hill,its a strip club now,but it was totally awesome! In it's prime the club was huge and filled to the max. The club promoter eventually took the name to San Francisco where it evolved into "The X" on 3rd and Harrison. Metallica, Skid Row, Bon Jovi. Face to Face Downtown San Jose 84 to Featured the hottest hard rock club acts on the circuit. Coolest club ever in Detroit. What a safe yet fun place to grow! Buttons Perrysburg, Ohio The 80's. The only thing better than going there was leaving there, either with someone or because the sun was up and they were kicking us out and we'd troop off to the Elbow Room or the 24hr palm reader cafe on the old Robsonstrasse. I remember glam girls and boys, both in heavy eye makeup, and impatient girls using the Boy's Room, to said boys' delight. Voted as a tie the three of them for 3rd best disco in the world by Billboard magazine in Lots of girls and boys with big hair all wearing makeup and black clothes. We would get sauced at a nearby lake before we went in! Oh those were the days!! With great dance music , great humor ,also wonderful drinks. I loved it when I was Hands down the best club I ever went to. God, do I miss this place! The stage was awesome as well as the acoustics. Basement of a huge office building off M Street and ? Absolutely fantastic and a was a must for the trendy folk of Inverclyde Scotland at the time.

Night clubs tacoma wa

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  1. Even into the 90's this place was rockin', not sure what's up there now. Pete area gulf beaches it would have been around for years.

  2. HammerHeads New York, Islip The club was located off the corner of East Tremont and Fordham Rd.

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