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He served as a LT. The owner even refuses to live there, no one has for years. Burial followed in the Mt. Paul's Lutheran Church, E. When work resumed in , just in time for the Persian Gulf War, part of the building was closed. Lawrence - Haskell Indian Nations University - Hiawatha Hall - is the oldest building on the campus and was built by the Methodist church in order to bring Christianity to the Native children. People have stayed there overnight to see if it was haunted just to hear weird sounds like mumbling and sometimes see a strange figure walking around just to disappear next to a tree. Burial Cedar Springs, Falls Co. He married Malissa Jane Wiley born 13 Oct. Do not go in the cemetery. Native American children were taken from their reservations and sent to schools like Haskell to teach them how to be white Americans. Late at night, if you are in that area, you can here the screams of a woman and see an apparition walking to shore down below. There have been multiple reports of Blue orbs floating around and even reports of Demonic voices and an old man walking through the cemetery. Westfall ; and Arthur C. Independence - LeHunt - LeHunt is an old abandoned cement plant outside of Independence, now in ruins. There are a number of cold spots and areas where you feel as though you are being watched.

Old settlers mulvane ks

People claim to have seen the ghostly form of a young girl wandering through the woods on the east side of this bridge. Survivors include his wife of 12 years, Virginia C. Olathe - Cry Baby Bridge - There are rumors of sacrifices held at the bridge. Many of the women that worked at the grocery have said to see potato chips, grocery carts moving on their own, the smell of fresh coffee, and cold air coming from no where. Brenda is survived by her husband of 48 years, Willard G. Since years have passed several unexplained incidents have occurred i. Sometimes if you go out late at night alone the lights will be on and loud music playing though no one is there and all was quiet earlier. He fully expect to live more than one hundred years to watch the city grow. The campus itself dates back to the 's when the US Government built Haskell Institute to help control the Native American population and assimilate them into mainstream America. Loader; and sister, Nina Neystel. While staying there, a terrible Cholera epidemic struck the fort. He married Sallie E Young , and they had these children: Rural Niotaze - The Sandhills - El Cado Cemetery - Witnesses claim to have seen a misty-white figure darting between the trees, and heard lots of strange noise such as voices, laughing, rattling and clanking. The teen did as he was dared, but suddenly the group heard a sound behind them and turned to see what it was and there was nothing there. Ellis - Jail Cell - In the bottom of the Railroad Museum there is an old jail cell, used for storage. So she went to check it but the door was locked, and the kept flickering. Do not go there unless you are wanting a fright. Westfall born ; Absalom W. Westfall ; Norman Westfall ; and Donald Westfall All aspects of their Native American heritage was stripped from them and they were forced to act as the Government felt appropriate. He was a retired shoe repairman and a member of the Church of Christ. Postal Service in Somerville for 10 years. Stumped, the boys kept biking and then suddenly came to a stop. Sons, Donnie Johnson and wife, Claire, and Gayle Johnson and wife, Jane; daughter, Gloria Westfall and husband, James; seven grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; and many other loving family members and friends. Some believe a boy had a jealous uncle. It is said that there used to be a piano up in the very top of the school that would play by it self.

Old settlers mulvane ks

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  1. They were enumerated in the census with all except the oldest a daughter being born in Texas.

  2. Westfall was born in Mason County, TX in He was a graduate of Middle State Tennessee University, where he received a degree in industrial engineering.

  3. Eudora - There is supposed to be a ghost of a woman who killed herself by jumping in front of a train.

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