Oval face short hair

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Best Short Haircuts for an Oval Face

I recommend this shaggy rocker look to my clients who like something a bit more edgy and fun. Create a small braid at the fringe area and pin back for a trendy look. Curl ends using large sections. Dry using a round brush to create volume, pulling bangs forward. This is the Garcons Cut, a male line with short sides that is not outlined. This client is an out of state college student that only comes home during the holidays. The hair must be smooth to begin with, and achieving this look requires a touchable hairspray. A pixie is a cut that anyone can rock, however the upkeep to keep this cut in perfect shape is a bit more intensive. I would describe this look as short, spicy, sassy and classy. I have written an article about the importance of keeping the hair away from your face. It can be extreme or soft and subtle. Texturized edgings to soften the outline of any haircut.

Oval face short hair

Apply a thermal protectant spray and light hold mousse to damp hair. My favorite thing about this look are the layers in the back. Apply thermal protectant spray and gel to damp hair. You can wear more than a few styles! This soft wave is a perfect way to add a little glam to your everyday look. These types of haircuts would suit a client with medium thickness hair. I love that it can be achieved on different types of hair and tailored to different lifestyles and personalities. Perky porcupine finish with blonde balayage on short hair Credit Inspired by porcupine quills, this cute short hairstyle has blonde balayage halfway down the hairshafts creating a fantastic new effect with balayage! This is a long layered A-line bob. Texturized edgings to soften the outline of any haircut. Spray the hair lightly with a shine spray. This is a great short hairstyle for fine hair, with lots of layers, trendy forward-styling and top-texture lit-up by warm copper balayage! No one likes bulk on the sides. This style works best on fine hair. Apply thermal protectant spray and smoothing serum to damp hair. Accent this look with a fascinator and lace netting. In addition to walking the client through how to use any products they go home with, I like to leave them with a trick or two to recreate the style we finished the haircut with. Depending on your hair type, it requires minimal hair product. I try to explain this to all my clients beforehand in the consultation. I tend to feel that when the geometry is sterling, the cut needs minimal texturizing. Measure your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. The point is that every cut, no matter face shape or lifestyle, needs solid geometry and fundamentals. In regard to the color, this is a new approach to balayage. The twist is a futuristic silver hair color idea with delicate lavender balayage! Deconstruct lightly using fingertips. It can be extreme or soft and subtle.

Oval face short hair

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  1. The colors are easy to work with, wonderful to mix, and come out nice and vibrant. Apply a thermal protectant spray and light hold mousse to damp hair.

  2. The Heart Face Shape The heart-shaped face is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin. Hair swept over the top creates a thicker wedge of hair, lit-up with a pretty, silver-grey balayage.

  3. Gorgeous green balayage on short hair for chic blonde hipsters Credit Chic pixie cut with bangs for summer. Too much height on top lengthens the face.

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