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We need self-confidence and a better self-image, therefore we must wear stylish clothing determined by the garment industry. It rains, when He tells it to. He thought of God as his shepherd with the breadth of meaning this term conveyed in the ancient Near East in general and in the Law in particular. Tepid praise defeats its own purpose. He is that promised King that will reign forever. Many had starved during the famine, when Babylon attacked them. Baker Book House [reprint], , p. Now I understand that David meant that since he had the Lord as his shepherd, he had no other want; he was lacking nothing. What a wonderful assurance! The blessings of God are now upon them, so the rain and the sunshine will come just at the right time for the crops to flourish. What is the primary job of the shepherd?

Pasture bible verse

Why will the enemy not come against Israel? We should not understand David to mean that with God as his shepherd he had everything one could possibly desire or possess; this would be as wrong as to think that Israel never did without anything while in the wilderness cf. They reveal attitudes and actions testing and contending which result in the loss of certain blessings. God is not just the God of creation, but our God v. Baker Book House [reprint], , p. God has forgiven them, and taken them back. Verses 1 and 2 are an exhortation to rejoice, and verses provide us with a good reason for rejoicing. It readied him for battle cf. After all, David was a shepherd in his youth 1 Sam. When the Israelites thirsted and began to grumble at Marah, God provided a means of sweetening the water Exod. One must allow for deeper values and not insist on purely mechanical procedures. It is not just the repetition of rituals, not just the shouting of praises or the acts of reverence, but our persistent trust and obedience which is evidence of our true worship. It is not enough to hear. The second event involved the next generation, nearly 40 years later, who were about to enter the promised land note the death of Miriam in Num. Satan desires to deceive those who trust in God, and wants them to believe they are lacking and deprived of the good things in life. Those who claim to be able to worship God just as easily from a secluded spot on the lake with a fishing pole in hand are hard pressed to explain how they can worship in the corporate manner described in Psalm Yet he is also the protector of the traveler who finds hospitality in his tent from the dangers and enemies of the desert. He was chastising them as a Father does a misbehaving child. That which makes God a Good Shepherd also serves as a model to us of proper shepherding. In anger, Moses scolded the people and twice struck the rock. It rains, when He tells it to. Tepid praise defeats its own purpose. Notice especially the change of tone, from exuberant, enthusiastic praise to awe-inspired prostration. I fear that Leupold does the same in his interpretation of verse 5. Between the smaller and weaker cattle, the sheep and the lambs. The reference was to pre-exilic leaders such as kings, priests, and prophets their civil leaders , as well as their spiritual leaders. What a wonderful assurance!

Pasture bible verse

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  1. The title of shepherd was given to kings, especially David 2 Sam. They accused Moses of leading Israel from Egypt only to let them perish v.

  2. These two accounts, when viewed in the light of their similarities and differences, lead us to several important conclusions.

  3. It may refer to jubilant singing, but not necessarily so, in fact, not frequently so.

  4. He was chastising them as a Father does a misbehaving child. The title of shepherd was given to kings, especially David 2 Sam.

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