Psychology of a cuckold

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The Psychology of Cuckoldry

The internet is full of ideas on how to embarrass you submissive husband. In a sense, it is a wedding ring around his penis. The first thing to remember about lingerie is that it has a cosmetic value. I prefer the husband be kept naked, but that can be overwhelming for most wives. It seemed strange to him at first, but I've explained myself, and he understands my beliefs and how, even though he didn't know me yet, I feel he was betraying me all of those times. Most men that do engage in Female Led Relationships find that they experience less stress than they ever thought possible, and they finally feel free from the obligations and burdens of life. He must be taught that the best gratification comes from you and the more he pleases and obeys you, the better or more frequent that gratification will be. Lock him in Chasity until he agrees to eat it. Erotic power is your will and determination unleashed against boredom and familiarity in marriage. The sense of smell will work to control your submissive husband. One small goal after another so that at the end of the journey he will not even realize he has been on a trip. Men have built in lie detectors. The Bull could also instruct the cuckold what he wants the wife to be wearing, whether he wants her pussy shaved, etc.

Psychology of a cuckold

Men regard our wearing fancy lingerie as something done for their benefit; they are too self-centered to see it any other way. Forcing him to be feminized helps eliminate his fear and embarrassment of doing it. It could include threesomes or group play, at private parties or swinging functions. It was the shop lady who suggested the breast forms good salesperson! The next time you find your anger has overwhelmed your love for your husband, try pulling down his pants and paddling him on the buttocks, hard, until you can truly forgive his wrong and make love to him. Regardless of what turns you on, you need to understand what is turning him on, so ask about it all, and find out just how far he would go. The wife and Bull surprise the cuckold as he returns home from work, unexpectedly finding the Bull in his bed and fucking his wife when he walks in. For more spice, the Bull could arrive with a friend to share the wife. The males are there to serve and entertain the Females. He confessed all the details he could remember, and listened to me describe how each relationship had disappointed me, and then he apologized. Tell your husband you're horny because you have been thinking of some other man. He was measured, and he had to try the bra on over his T-shirt. When you pee on him you are showing dominance. Sure, your man is going to be leaking lube from his ass later that day, but it will make the anal experiences much more enjoyable. There is no question that welts will be raised and bottoms bruised, but chastisement should never leave permanent marks. This brings us to the subject of lingerie. After the Bull has had sex with the wife once or twice, and she is well stretched, invite the cuck to have a go at his wife. I was a bit of a slut and had many lovers, all shapes, ages, colors and sizes. The Bull takes the wife out of town on a business or pleasure trip, and they travel together as a couple. She may choose to inform her cuckold immediately of her actions, or wait until they've left the party before letting him know. He must be taught that the best gratification comes from you and the more he pleases and obeys you, the better or more frequent that gratification will be. Men have built in lie detectors. This trip could be anything from a weekend to multiple weeks. I started with an over my knee spanking with his penis locked between my legs. Your partner will see how much better you respond and since men are highly visual, the more aroused you are, the more aroused he will be.

Psychology of a cuckold

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  1. Maintain and reward that trust and he will be more loyal and obedient than you can imagine. A man with voyeuristic tendencies often wants to be in the bathroom while the wife is relieving herself.

  2. This is a line in the sand for all women, he must do it. Licking it up - especially if it is a large amount - is very, very difficult, and emphasizes the submissive humiliating nature of what the wife is doing to her husband.

  3. Use his masturbation to reinforce his place, when he cleans you well and follows your directions, the next time you masturbate him praise him for his last cleaning, let him know how happy it made you, then have him masturbate and continue with your praise.

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