Reasons husbands cheat

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Why Do Men Cheat?

Driving through a blizzard up I in the back of one of their cars, and then they'd pull over on the side of the highway and hand off me and my brother without speaking. This all contributes significantly to a couple's being interested in one another and feeling a deep attraction for and excitement about one another. Sexual incompatibility Shutterstock It's possible to connect with a partner on an emotional level, yet not quite hit that same mark in the bedroom. Neural pathways associated with sexuality are strengthened and maintained if sex is engaged in often. They like the chase, the excitement and the risk," she said. According to relationship expert John Gray, Ph. A lot of women have tried to address these problems and have faced a lot of stubbornness from husbands. Could any single relationship not fall short of such expectations? In fact, some women may feel a gratifying sense of power and control when engaged in a secret affair. Even though it is widely believed that men are guiltier of this act, studies have shown that women are just as culpable as men, if not more. It promised to expand my circle of family and improve my credit score, to tether me to something wholesome and give my life meaning. It's the 'see how you like this' lesson," she explained. It is interesting to note that some women engage in extramarital affairs to get back at their husbands, especially when such men had also cheated on them. Gail Saltz says that blame may be appropriate, at least when it comes to women who cheat — especially when they seek out older men. According to Omoteso, even though it is not scientific, it is worthy of note that there could be spiritual influences that could make a woman to do such, perhaps in a bid to break the marriage. It may just be time for a serious discussion.

Reasons husbands cheat

My friend told me she felt this way of thinking was the only answer, and the way she'd come to reconcile her feelings about the relationship. The real reasons why women cheat Shutterstock Whitney Coy wcwrites Most married folks like to pretend extramarital affairs just don't happen — or at least not in their houses. Victoria Lorient-Faibish , psychotherapist and author of Connecting: Why did these people marry in the first place? They expect their partners to read their minds and when they don't, they simply walk away or stray. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. But," she added, "they were awful and narcissistic, with very little to give to their children. According to Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University in US, women are more likely to have an affair because of loneliness. In such cases, it is the friends who put them through, find them a lover and teach them how to keep it away from their husbands. She says some people may be "scared of intimacy in a way that allows sexual desire to only be felt outside of a deep partnership, because there is too much closeness with a partner to feel safe merging through sex. When a woman has been abused or is being cheated on by her husband, a woman who cannot bear such but has the capacity to pay her bills could seek comfort, care and attention from other men. A lot of women have tried to address these problems and have faced a lot of stubbornness from husbands. According to some women, new relationships are exciting, and it is more so because such men tend to do everything possible to impress the woman, as against what they had been used to with their husbands. Gail Saltz says that blame may be appropriate, at least when it comes to women who cheat — especially when they seek out older men. I think women do that a lot. Many of the women Walker interviewed were in marriages that were functional. Gail Saltz , psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, best-selling author, and host of The Power of Different podcast, says an affair is one way women try to make themselves feel better about the whole thing. We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexually satisfied. But at the same time, they found married life incredibly dull and constraining and resented the fact that as women, they felt they consistently did a disproportionate amount of the invisible labor that went into maintaining their lifestyle. So maybe now what women are deciding is that infidelity is a third way. In fact, some women may feel a gratifying sense of power and control when engaged in a secret affair. I'm terrified of getting married "I think there's an incredible amount of deep resentment for women in America about divisions of labor," said sociologist Lisa Wade when I asked her to comment on this contradiction. On the other hand, married women who are less financially independent will tend to have lower testosterone and higher estrogen. Getting past it Shutterstock How many of us have talked about what we would do in the event an affair happened in our relationships? This may seem like an old-school concept, but it's still pretty important in your relationship, according to Dr. According to reports, whether such women do so because they are either not satisfied with their marriage entirely or they are not satisfied with it at all, the main reasons that have been found include unsatisfactory or lack of emotional care, arising from lack of attention and intimacy, revenge, feeling under-appreciated, boringness, low self esteem, peer pressure, financial independence, and of course sexual dissatisfaction or the more serious one, sexual addiction.

Reasons husbands cheat

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  1. Rewire Your Relationship Culture , agreed. Victoria Lorient-Faibish , psychotherapist and author of Connecting:

  2. Rewire Your Relationship Culture , agreed. Instead of making assumptions or hoping your partner can read your mind, initiate a direct conversation about the emotional needs that are not being met.

  3. Many of the women Walker interviewed were in marriages that were functional. David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, shows that women, more than ever, now have more extra-marital affairs than men, noting however that women are better at hiding their infidelity, they are a lot more likely to lie about it and a lot less likely to get caught.

  4. Revenge Shutterstock They say hell hath no fury like a women scorned, and Rhonda Milrad, founder and CEO of Relationup , says there is quite a bit of truth to that.

  5. Often women have no intention of cheating but are seduced by the wonderful feeling of being seen for the woman that they are within all of their roles.

  6. While it's true that starting an affair may make you feel sexy for a short while, they guilt of what you're doing may end up making you feel worse in the long run.

  7. Findings have shown that women love varieties and they want to be happy in marriage, but when they feel their spouse is not creative, more so if he used to be, some tend to have affairs. She noted, however, that such women should communicate their needs to the husband or, they could seek the help of a sex therapist instead of having another affair.

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