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Rippleside Catch the Wave Celebrating Differences

Life is good on a bike! Fortunately there was enough room on the train to store all of our bikes. This is where I had left and handed the lead over to Peter jones till then was thankfully uneventful with no accidents or broken bones the ride enjoyable if not a little challenging because of the windy conditions but all in all everyone enjoyed the ride. Good move I reckon so we split at Roslyn Rd and headed home, a wet and soggy ride but I felt good for having been out on the bike. Highly recommended if you enjoy a challenge and the road less travelled. Seeing all those rarely travelled roads was a delight even though it was through rain speckled glasses. We rode first to Drysdale where the main advertised ride was to start from, but alas, the prevailing weather had put all other comers off a ride this morning. Chris and Chris humming along. Now called The Paddock Cafe there was plenty of room and very good service. At the turn to the Capital Trail a French Cycle tourer who had been following us along was asked where she was going, when she said Geelong we suggested she not follow us but head towards Williamstown.

Rippleside geelong

After lunch we rode back to Southern Cross Station and caught the 1: You need to meander through streets to link-up with the Bay Trail and then the Capital Trail at which point you cross the Maribyrnong river onto Footscray Road. John C joined us a few Km into the ride. Apart from David's unfortunate accident, a most enjoyable ride. Greg had left us at the first coffee stop to do his km for the day. Fortunately there was enough room on the train to store all of our bikes. Having studied the radar I could see a lot of blue heading my way. At the corner of Thacker Street and Shell Road the peloton split into two groups. We used some back streets through Geelong to get to the top of Cementey Hill, here we were joined by Trudi and Leo. An excellent day's pedalling. David is doing well and healing fast. No photos, too wet. A short but very pretty ride in good company. Dargo Tour - Day Two - After a short stop at Bannockburn we headed west through Teesdale to Summer Sensations Cafe and Berry Gardens a few km before the turn point at Shelford. Four of us wended our way to Gnarwarre and on to Pollocksford Road and home via the Hamilton Highway. We got away just after am for our run down to Rye of about 60 klm. Thanks to all those that attended the following were: Ambulance called and a bit of an enforced break. Thanks to the following who attended: Going down Hyland St to Fyansford I was hit by stinging hail and a short dust storm - was only doing 25kph down the hill! The weather was great for riding, sunny cool and little breeze. A most enjoyable day on the bike, a pleasure to not have the roaring gale of the weekend. The ferry was very busy with quite a number of caravans and cars, no doubt heading away for the long weekend. Thanks to Peter O for doing "kelpie" duties. After coffee, many headed home, hoping for and getting a tailwind most of the way.

Rippleside geelong

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  1. From there we bid farewell to Mick and Mike, Chris and myself rolled off home, a most enjoyable weeks riding through some really great country and fantastic weather. At least we had a good view as we headed back to the coast road.

  2. Most of the time our focus was immediately in front of the bike so when the occasional vistas opened up, usually at the top of a steep climb, they were enjoyed as a good excuse for a break and photo.

  3. Dargo Tour - Day Three - Had arranged to meet David and Jackie for coffee so was nice to catch up with them.

  4. Tuesday provided the ideal opportunity to do a really long ride and enjoy company for the first half to Melbourne.

  5. Coffee at the general store was good as usual and after some time and polite conversation we headed off but on a not so usual route along larcomes road towards parraparap then onto the Anglesea road where Rolf paul and Ang left us as we headed into bells and Jan Juc with our final destination Torquay were the rest had lunch.

  6. Despite the wind it was an enjoyable journey with good company. From there we headed for Little River via the old Mel Rd and as we left out the Avalon beach we decided to head further afield riding past the Werribee turn off turning left to eventually end up on the Rd back to the You Yangs and a nice down hill run into Lara via Flinders Rd.

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