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The bikini fitting now complete, Erin finished dressing. The idea of showing off her body had taken hold of her, and she couldn't let it go. Erin had no interest in the sport but was good at feigning it when she wanted to snuggle next to him on the living room sofa. Erin loved her husband but chafed under his controlling, jealous nature. Erin was a careful spender, and the little bikini hidden in the drawer on the other side of the room was about as much an indulgence as she allowed herself. As she got in her car and started driving Erin thought about how skimpily she was dressed. It wasn't something she thought about or desired all the time. It wasn't a fetish. She rinsed and turned the water off, and stepped out of the shower, completely bare. I just think a one-piece is more appropriate for my wife at an office party. She wanted to buy a bikini, because her husband didn't want her to wear bikinis, and all she owned were one-piece suits. Erin had been thinking a lot about the bikini, still in its package hidden under a stack of panties in her drawer. But she did want to break free, just a little, from the chains he put on her.

See through bikini adult

Fortunately, he'd left some coffee brewed for her, and she followed the rich scent of it to the kitchen. In the morning, she awoke. He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, turned the other way, and turned out the night light. She knew exactly where she wanted to go; she and Martin had been there many times. She thought about leaving a well-trimmed tuft or strip of hair over her pubic mound, but since she hadn't seen the bikini yet and wasn't sure how much it covered, she shaved that off too. It wasn't something she thought about or desired all the time. With the hot water running over her she then spread her legs wide, leaned over, pulled her butt cheeks open with one hand, reached down with the razor, and shaved everything off between her legs. A big sign that said "No Lifeguard on duty" blocked the view immediately in front of her, but on either side of it Erin saw an expanse of pale, tan sand lying between her and the ocean, blue and still under a cloudless, windless sky. It was well wrapped and taped, so she needed scissors to open it. Hansen wants to meet before the markets open. She worked hard to look good for him, going to the gym several times a week and watching her diet to keep her figure firm and lean. She threw back her own covers and swung her slim legs over the side of the bed. She just wanted to show off a little -- a little more than her husband would have been comfortable with. She had gone to the beach party the previous summer in a bikini that had started a lot of tongues wagging. Rush hour traffic being what it was, he might. She picked up the bottom and put it between her legs. But her husband's jealousy stood in the way. Erin was sure there would be. He got into the office early to follow the stock exchanges, and he got off work early too, after they closed. She wasn't sure what sort of style or cut she wanted. It was small, that was obvious -- skimpier than any other bikini she'd ever warn. I've got a meeting at 5 and won't be home until 6. Erin thought about the beach party her husband's office would have in July. The bikini was a rich, solid green, darker than emerald but with something of an emerald's shine and luster. She grabbed the little manila package on the seat next to her and shoved it in her purse. She thought about what the fabric would feel like against her skin. Surely, there was nothing wrong with that?

See through bikini adult

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  1. She was pressed against him and her hand moved in circles over his chest. Martin was, in most ways, a good husband:

  2. That would have been too embarrassing. She just wanted to show off a little -- a little more than her husband would have been comfortable with.

  3. They were bare under the loose-fitting t-shirt and thread-bare, white cotton panties she had worn to bed.

  4. Her nipples, which hadn't stopped being hard, poked against the bikini's thin fabric. Six years into marriage, with no kids yet, and with a body she had toned and sculpted through ceaseless hours doing crunches, lifting dumbbells, and counting minutes on the treadmill, Erin wanted to show off the fruits of her labor -- her hot figure.

  5. The package contained a bikini. The morning rush hour was over, so the traffic wasn't bad, and the drive west to the beach didn't take long.

  6. But Martin wouldn't allow it. Erin looked very carefully in the mirror to see if anything was revealed inappropriately.

  7. It had started in May, summer approaching and the days getting longer and warmer. She had things to do, so after downing two cups and finishing a bowl of oat meal, she left the kitchen.

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