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Federouch , "Coupon Giving: This possibility would fit well with Faber et al. Since it is the negotiation process which helps the skilled salesperson create this impression, it is interesting that it is only the more expensive items which have resisted the one-price policy which is otherwise ubiquitous in American retailing Mason and Mayer , p. Other aspects of smart-shopper feelings also lead to predictions of who might be particularly susceptible to sales promotions which result in these feelings. Shoppers have pushed clerks up onto counter tops and ripped merchandise to shreds If it is indeed the case that smart-shopper feelings play an important role in consumer response to price promotions, then groups such as- these should be particularly deal-prone. But even if a consumer does not take any overt actions to search for a low price, he or she may well take covert, or purely mental, actions to determine whether a price is high or low. It is when this assumption is questioned that smart-shopper feelings will come into play. Understanding of the factors which lead the consumer to feel responsible for a discount and the stimuli which arouse the desire for smart-shopper feelings would help the marketer design programs which maximize the amount of consumer excitement which can be generated by a limited promotional budget. More recently, airline price promotions resulted in, "thousands of people Folkes has suggested that consumers who feel proud about the price they pay are more likely than other consumers to brag, and thus spread information about the purchase, and the results of Schindler's b scenario experiment supports this possibility. Barry and Morris L. In times of inflation, consumers may suffer continuing feelings that they are being unfairly treated by businesses and may thus have particular strong needs for at least momentary feelings of shopping pride and accomplishment. Moreover, a vividly imagined stimulus can have the same desire-arousing effect as one which is physically present in the environment.

Smart mouth coupon

Thus, consumers mention the pleasure of being in the supermarket check-out line and having coupons that not everyone has. The anticipation of smart-shopper feelings could also affect the sequence of events in the decision process by causing an item to be considered. Shoemaker , "The Coupon-Prone Consumer: Greenleaf , "Play as a Consumption Experience: There may be the satisfaction of anticipating that the shopping expertise represented by having found this low price can be used to help others get low prices Feick et al. Another is provided by the Wall Street Journal's colorful description of the effects of K-Mart's "blue-light specials" Guiles University of Nebraska Press, It is when this assumption is questioned that smart-shopper feelings will come into play. Moreover, there is a long tradition in the American culture of the use of money, and the material things it represents, as a sign of status and personal success Veblen Such behavior could result from a compulsive necessity to be sure that each prospective purchase is indeed necessary and is in fact at the lowest price available. Moreover, a vividly imagined stimulus can have the same desire-arousing effect as one which is physically present in the environment. Perhaps the fact that redemption rates for direct mail coupons are on average higher than for coupons distributed in newspapers and magazines Manufacturers Coupon Control Center results, at least in part, from an ability of the direct mail medium to give the consumer a sense of getting something that other consumers are not getting. Paying a low price for a particular item might lead a consumer to feel proud, smart, or competent Holbrook et al. Kinnear, Ann Arbor, MI: For example, airlines' frequent flyer programs have led some consumers to become "mileage maniacs" who devote an excessive amount of time to activities such as "playing cross-country hopscotch" simply to chalk up extra frequent flyer miles Rose Involvement with these considerations may distract the consumer from considerations which are less closely related to the goal of feeling responsible for a low price, such as whether the benefits of the item will really justify its costs. And, a detailed understanding of the mechanisms by which a price promotion may affect the consumer decision process would guide the marketer's decisions concerning the timing of promotions and the choice of products to be discounted. This category of consequences includes the implications which a price may have on the consumer's self-concept. Roselius might cause consumers to feel anxiety at the prospect of purchasing any high-priced item, even if the price is perceived to be a fair one. Leonard Berkowitz, New York: This ability of price to elicit strong feelings such as pride and anger is not surprising when one considers the importance of feelings of efficacy in human motivation e. But they make you feel like they really care. This would suggest that smart-shopper feelings are often important consequences of price promotions. The consumer may search memory for the prices of comparable items to serve as a reference point Schindler and Bauer , make inferences about the reputation and motives of the seller Wright , or consider the costs and savings which are likely to be associated with the consumption of the product. They were asked to report the price they paid for the item, their reference price the price which "most stores usually charge for this item" , and how satisfied they felt with the price that they paid.

Smart mouth coupon

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  1. This ego-expressive aspect results in "smartshopper feelings. Other aspects of smart-shopper feelings also lead to predictions of who might be particularly susceptible to sales promotions which result in these feelings.

  2. Thus, further research is necessary to determine if the need for feelings of efficacy and competence is a significant factor behind the demographic characteristics of deal-prone consumers. Since smart-shopper feelings involve a sense of efficacy and competence, one would expect that groups of consumers who lack sufficient work-related means to have such feelings would be particularly responsive to smart-shopper feelings.

  3. There might be a sense of accomplishment or a thrill of feeling in a small way victorious over large corporations Rose

  4. If smart-shopper feelings result from an attribution of responsibility for receiving the discount, then a marketer should be able to increase the favorable consequences of a discount by leading consumers to feel responsible for the discount.

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